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Plastic enclosures with out moulding and tooling from RTP Trading

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RTP Trading  offers plastic parts and plastic enclosures for electronic applications. RTP Trading employs K-Box technology for the production of plastic parts and enclosures without moulding or tooling. The K-Box technology uses extruded and flat plastic sheet and follows proprietary manufacturing methods.

RTP Trading offers the K-Box technology which has unique advantages that includes fast turnaround, no tooling capital outlay, no draft requirement, high quality appearance and changes that are easily incorporated. The K-Box technology is ideal for high quality appearance, qualities of 50 – 20,000 parts, interim and pilot production with the run for 500- 1000 parts, initial expensive outlay needs are avoided and products with unstable changing designs.

RTP Trading employs RTP manufacturing processes which are completely integrated and turn-key manufacturing system. The RTP manufacturing process includes machining, faceting, sawing, bending and assembling. Machining process carried out by RTP Trading is a high speed CNC routing, proprietary sub-routines for enhancing the efficiency, optimised clean edge cuts, tracking, yields and nesting. Facetting process is used of 5 millimetres to 3 millimetre chamfers and radii, removes extruded texture and used for secondary operations for adding details.

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