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Thermal circuit breaker type 1180 available from RS Components

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The Thermal circuit breaker type 1180, available from RS Components , is suitable for plug-in terminal block mounting applications. This circuit breaker reduces stoppages and downtime. In combination with a modular style terminal block, the circuit breaker can offer individual protection for every circuit. Fuse replacement, with all its associated difficulties, is obviated as the circuit breaker can be immediately reset after operation. The terminal block is available as an option with screw or spring-loaded terminals and, if required, a LED can be fitted to illuminate when the circuit breaker is in the tripped/off position.

The product specifications include:

Voltage rating:

  • Up to AC 250 V; DC 65 V
Current rating range:
  • 0.1 to 10A
Rupture capacity ICN (EN 60934):
  • 0.1 to 5A 6 x IN
  • 6 to 10A 8 x IN
Rupture capacity (UL1077):
  • Up to 2000A
Various applications of this circuit breaker include:
  • Overcurrent protection of load circuits in power distribution systems
  • Protection of long and small diameter cables (sensor cables)

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