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RS Components brings simple remote monitoring and control to industrial automation

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RS Components (RS) announces the availability of the new ED-588 industrial specification I/O modules from Brainboxes, a leading developer and manufacturer of PC communication cards.

A remote Ethernet to digital I/O (DIO) device featuring eight non-isolated digital input channels and eight digital output channels, the ED-588 offers an integral DIN rail mount and slim shape (22.6mm wide) that uses minimal space. 

Capable of driving high current and high voltage loads, the ED-588 is ideal for inductive, capacitive and resistive loads such as CNC machines, stepper motors, heating ventilation and air conditioning.

The module contains a powerful ARM 80 MHz 32-bit CPU, offering robust, intelligent control capability to enable system interface on the factory floor. The ED-588 has a gateway RS485 serial port that can be used to connect to industry-standard NuDAM, eDAM and ADAM modules – a staple of process control systems.

A wide range redundant dual power input (+5VDC to +30VDC) accommodates variation in the +24VDC factory floor supply and allows alternative power sources. A second power supply can be fitted as a back-up to prevent downtime in the event of failure of one power source. Power can also be sourced using 5 Volt power from any computer USB port for configuration away from the installation site. 

A watchdog feature allows independent known good states to be set for power up, comms link watchdog, and hardware watchdog. Programmable time range allows full control while removable, individually numbered colour coded blocks and ports simplify installation and wiring.

Operating at an extended temperature range of between -30°C and +80°C enables the device to cope with extreme changes of temperature in harsh environments. The CPU temperature and power supply status can be monitored via the web interface or programmatically through ASCII commands.

The ED-588 is implemented using a Microsoft Windows COM port driver compatible with industry standard software packages such as LabView, MATLAB, and Agilent VEE, and supports a range of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) including Microsoft .NET - C#, Visual Basic, C++ and JavaScript. Drivers are available for the latest operating systems including Windows 8, and the user interface enables monitoring and control from Android devices.

RS Components Global Head of Automation and Control Kevin Shield explains that the ED-588 will benefit process control engineers who need real-time status updates of devices in the field by offering ease of use and quick installation, and meeting the increasing demand for devices that are capable of remote monitoring and control via a network using any device.

The ED-588 is available to purchase from RS Components direct from stock for same-day despatch.

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