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PAC3760 Appliance Tester available from RS Components

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The Seaward PAC3760, available from RS Components , is a next generation PAT with the ability to conduct earth bond, insulation and polarity tests, as well as Leakage Current Tests for Class I and Class II appliances and leads.

Designed specifically for standards AS/NZS3760:2003, the PAC3760 powers up appliances and leads for Leakage Current Tests at 5mA Pass/Fail for Class I and 1mA Pass/Fail for Class II. To increase the level of safety testing, the PAC3760’s earth bond test is set at 10Amps. This is beyond a multimeter’s continuity test and is capable of fusing a poor earth held by a single strand.

The features of the PAC3760 Appliance Tester include:

  • Simple Pass/Fail indication
  • 3 button operation: Class I, Class II and Leakage
  • Automatically conducts a sequence of tests without complicated on-screen menus to navigate
  • Powers up appliances with an electronic switch or MOV for leakage current tests with Pass/Fail limits 5mA for Class I and 1mA for Class II
  • Automatically senses an IEC or extension lead and conducts a polarity test
  • Automatically detects that the appliance under test is switched ‘On”’
  • Supplied complete with Earth Lead, IEC Lead Adaptor and protective carry case
The PAC3760’s ease of use and automatic testing features make it suitable for all manual testing and tagging applications, be it a Competent Person testing their own equipment through to the seasoned professional contractor.

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