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Omnia submersible sump pumps from RS Components

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Now available from RS Components , Omnia submersible sump pumps for dirty water are ideal for draining environments, pumping domestic waste water, and carrying out surface irrigation.

The dry motor in the Omnia submersible sump pump is cased in stainless steel with an IP68 level of protection. It runs from a single phase power supply with a permanently activated capacitor and operates at a speed of 2850 rpm.

The motor also features thermal protection built into the motor winding, a completely insulated cable connection chamber, and self-lubricating ball bearings.

The motor is cooled via a heat exchange chamber that allows the machine to work for long periods when not completely submerged.

Omnia submersible sump pumps operate efficiently when pumping waste water with solids at a maximum liquid temperature of 40ºC and a maximum submersion depth of 7m.

Omnia submersible sump pumps are made of AISI 304 stainless steel and are equipped with a Ø 32mm hose adapter and an optional float switch in the automatic version.

Typical applications for Omnia submersible sump pumps include:

  • pumping of domestic waste water
  • draining of environments
  • bathing and swimming pools
  • industrial applications
  • fountains and water features
  • surface irrigation.

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