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New Raspberry Pi Compute Module kit delivers low cost prototyping platform

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The new Raspberry Pi Compute Module development kit distributed by RS Components delivers a low-cost prototyping platform to embedded systems designers.

Now available for pre-order from RS Components, the new Raspberry Pi Compute Module and the Raspberry Compute Module IO development board have been developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s development team specifically for electronics design engineers to create their own embedded systems for a professional market.

The Compute Module is bundled together with the Compute Module IO development board as a complete development kit, bringing out all of the IO connectivity in a flexible form factor.

The Raspberry Pi Compute Module fits into a standard DDR2 SODIMM socket and provides the same basic features of a standard Raspberry Pi including a Broadcom BCM2835 processor and 512 Mbyte of RAM, integrating everything onto a compact 67.6 x 30 mm board. The Compute Module replaces the SD card with an onboard 4 Gbyte eMMC Flash device.

The Compute Module plugs into the open-source development board, enabling the designer to program the module’s Flash memory and easily access the processor interfaces via pin headers and flexi connectors. The HDMI socket and USB connectors create an entire system that can boot the user’s operating system and allow engineers to start designing with the Compute Module.

Eben Upton of the Raspberry Pi Foundation said the Compute Module was conceptualised after it was observed how several industrial and commercial equipment designers were incorporating a Raspberry Pi into their end system. The development team sought to create a solution that would equip the designers with all the computing resources of the Raspberry Pi in a compact format while leaving the IO to the end system manufacturer.

According to Glenn Jarrett, Global Head of Product Marketing at RS Components, Raspberry Pi has gone beyond its initial function as an educational programming tool to provide embedded engineers with a fast, affordable way to develop their embedded systems.

The Raspberry Pi Compute Module will be available as a standalone unit from autumn 2014.

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