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Miniature datalogger -- major performance

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article image The compact Uni-Mux XQL.

RS Components has added two new Australian designed multimeters - the Unimeter XQL and Uni-Mux XQL – to its nationally integrated 'same day' Trade Counters, to provide multi-function performance through RS-485 PC communication.

The company's Trade Counter system ensures stock availability of its 15,000 most popular lines (those marked TC in the 2001 catalogue) at Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth Trade Counters, otherwise they will be delivered to the client's door on the next working day with all freight charges waived.

The Unimeter XQL is an intelligent QUADAC implemented microprocessor-based digital meter and data logger has 230 on-site programmable functions allowing limitless measurement and control configurations.

Included is up to 100 point linearisation and calibration of sensors, PID control, and 4-20mA and 0-10V capacity.

Features include: RS-485 communication to PC, two set-point/alarm channels, power supply outputs provided, control effort bar graph, linear/non-linear scaling functions, dual input signal mathematics, signal generator functions, ammeter/voltmeter capability, mains frequency monitor, power factor monitor, electronic potentiometer control, flow monitor, Type B,E,J,K,L,N,R,S, and T thermocouples, backlit display, C and CE approval, military specification.

The Uni-Mux XQL multi-channel and multi-function data acquisition module has single channel programmability, with 25 different functions per channel.

The unit can log up to 10,500 reading continuously, and up to 16 channels are achievable with communications through RS485. Programmable via Uni-Link PC software (included), these units may be cascaded 63 wide to provide a potential 1,008 individual logged channels.

Featuring QUADAC conversion technology, the Uni-Mux XQL provides linearisation and compression, offset and span facilities, LM35 temperature sensors, ±50mV dc, ±100mV dc, -1 to +5V dc, 0-20mA, 4-20mA, Type B,E,J,K,N,R,S, T thermocouples, and RTD PT 100. RS Components 02 9681 8583.

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