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R+W Metal Bellows Couplings available from RR Fisher & Co Ltd

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Metal bellows couplings from R+W was supplied to meet a customer’s high torsional rigidity requirement in sheet metal processing applications.  

R+W couplings are available from RR Fisher & Co Ltd .  

Since the market is increasingly demanding multifunctional products for processing sheet metal, the performance specifications of the machines must also be adjusted to handle all the demands. This affects the laser output and simultaneous axis speed, where speeds of over 300m/min are attained.  

The laser output makes it possible to process stainless steel sheets up to 30mm thick. The rigidity and total weight of the drive train were the primary concerns in attaining the required axis speeds.  

This is where R+W was once again able to demonstrate its technical expertise.  

The company was able to meet the torsional rigidity requirement of over 600,000 Nm/rad using special metal bellows couplings. The wall thickness and number of corrugations of the bellows had to be optimised in order to achieve the required parameters.  

Another requirement was to minimise as much as possible the weight of the entire intermediate axle, which is over 2,200mm in length. In conjunction with the rigidity, only one type of carbon fibre intermediate tube was available as an option.  

With 20 years of experience in the adhesives field, R+W came in useful for mounting, for having the most varied materials on hand as well as for developing the intermediate axle.

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