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Diaphragm Indicators from RR Fisher & Co Ltd

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The Diaphragm Indicators from RR Fisher & Co Ltd are diaphragm type bin level indicators most suitable for use where bulk materials are stored at atmospheric pressures. The body is constructed from corrosion resistant cast aluminium alloy and the 1/8” BSP breather hole features a filter pellet to minimise ingress of dust.  

The diaphragm indicators are generally bolted to a vertical side of the hopper, chute or bunker but can also be suspended from the top using a standard conduit to avoid creating a hole while also avoiding false readings due to residue build up on the walls by certain types of material. The device operates when pressure is exerted on the diaphragm, which then actuates a micro-switch to stop or start machinery or operate warning signal lamps as required. Each model features a sensitivity control which can be manually adjusted for best field performance.

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