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Voltage reduction device from RQ Welding Supplies

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RQ Welding Supplies  is specialised in the supply of wires, electrodes, rods and fluxes. RQ Welding Supplies offers wide range of products for protective welding from Cigweld which includes MIG, TIG cutting, arc welding systems, welding equipment, consumables and gas apparatus.

RQ Welding Supplies provides voltage reduction device from Cigweld. Voltage reduction device reduces the open circuit voltage of welding power source. Advantage Cigweld consists of a digital touch pad control, standards compliant voltage reduction device, digital hot start that is fully adjustable for starting and re-striking properties with all electrode types and diameter.

Advantage Cigweld from RQ Welding Supplies consists of an embedded digital microprocessor for control and functionality; it is designed with a multi-layer stacking and it is portable, heavy duty robust, ultra lightweight design and construction. Multi pin socket accept present in advantage Cigweld includes remote foot control, torch slider control and remote pendant control, intelligent fan control, exceptional arc characteristics, thermal overload protection for durable internal components, generator friendly ideal for appropriate engine driven equipment.

Advanced Cigweld from RQ Welding Supplies consists of a programmable memory which saves loads and recalls optimum welding parameters, IP 23 rating designed for outdoor use and tested certified fully compliant with Australian standards etc.

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