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Flexible cables from RQ Welding Supplies

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RQ Welding Supplies  offers a wide range of welding equipment, power tools and safety consumables. RQ Welding Supplies is an authorised distributor for Cigweld, Linde Gas, Lincoln, Kemppi, Metabo, Hitachi, Liquid-Arc, Harris, Protool, Speedglas and Flexovit etc.

RQ Welding Supplies offers a wide range of flexible cables from triangle manufacturers. An extensive range of flexible cable including industrial cables, offshore oil and gas cables, fire resistant, flame retardant and shipboard cables. Industrial cables for switch board, panel and tri-rated switchboard and panel wire are flame retardant and halogen free. Industrial cables for flexible power and control include rubber power, rubber welding, EMC braided power, power and control fixed wiring with flame retardant. Industrial cables for submersible pump includes submersible power and submersible braided power which have flame retardant property and are halogen free.

RQ Welding Supplies offers fire resistant cables for alarm and signal multicore, power and control rubber power, instrumentation including collective screened instrumentation and braided instrumentation which are flame retardant, halogen free and resistance against fire.

RQ Welding Supplies offers shipboard cables for power and control, instrumentation, power and control with fire resistant property, instrumentation with fire resistant property, shorepower and switchboard and panel wires.

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