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Refurbishment services for electronic equipment from Rom-Control

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article image Refurbishment services for superseded or discontinued electronic equipment

In today's competitive world, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) are developing and pushing into the market new products every day.

This gives customers who are about to build a new plant or upgrade the entire production line the advantage of installing new technology.

It is common that straight after the warranty expires, electronic circuit boards fail and require repairs.

The manufacturers have no interest in repairing the equipment and hence quote prices in the vicinity of 80-90% of the catalogue price.

Once discontinued and becoming superseded equipment, the electronic circuit board will not be repaired by the OEM and new cards can only be special ordered at a prohibitive price.

Rom-Control , formerly known as Eltiv Australia Electronic Engineering, is now offering a feasible and reliable alternative for superseded equipment - refurbishment.

Refurbishment of superseded or discontinued electronic equipment will restore the card at its original specifications using technologically advanced components.

Some of the advantages of refurbishing electronic superseded and discontinued equipment are:

  • Significant cost saving
  • Ability to insert the card back to the system as a plug-and-play operation
  • No additional infrastructure or software modifications required
  • No additional expertise or training required
  • The advantage of staying within the company's standard equipment manufacturers

One of the efficient ways to avoid costly production downtime caused by the breakdown of electronic circuit boards is to pro-actively refurbish the entire set of cards. This procedure will not only replace the components likely to fail in the future but will also detect and repair hidden faults caused by vibrations, moisture and others.

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