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ROM-Control offers electronic and process control equipment audits to reduce maintenance costs

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article image Equipment audits extend the life of assets in addition to reducing loss of production caused by equipment breakdown

ROM-Control Pty Ltd offers comprehensive auditing services for process control and electronic assets in combination with their proactive refurbishment services to extend the useful life of the equipment.  

These audit and refurbishment services will additionally reduce loss of production due to equipment breakdown, increase the asset's reliability and reduce inventory holdings.  

Rom-Control Pty Ltd offers comprehensive electronic and process control equipment auditing for business entities in the industrial, utility, resource and medical sectors.

Data collected as part of the equipment audits include: 

  • Equipment manufacturer, model, part and serial number, function and the application performed 
  • Firmware revisions and hardware support information 
  • Level of support offered by the OEM and availability of spare parts (board level) 
  • Complete list of electronic components used on the asset 
Rom-Control employs a proven approach that helps their customers extend the useful life of their assets whilst reducing the production interruption caused by failure of electronic and process control equipment. 

Key deliverables from the equipment audits: 

  • Database containing all the audited assets organised in a functional hierarchy 
  • Backup of all firmware 
  • Gap analysis related to business vulnerability to failure on assets not available as spare and the time-to-repair for these assets 
Rom-Control will provide a comprehensive maintenance program based on the results of the audit. 

The maintenance program includes: 

  • Proactive refurbishment of available spare assets 
  • Proactive refurbishment of production assets on a rotation basis 
  • Periodic preventive maintenance of installed and spare equipment 
  • Stocking the specific electronic components required to repair and refurbish the customer's specific equipment 
  • Priority on repairs

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