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Electronic repair and refurbishment services from Rom-Control

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Rom-Control, formerly known as Eltiv Australia Electronic Engineering, offer refurbishment services that are a feasible alternative for Australian businesses for upgrading their complete process control or electrical/electronic systems, due to electronic printed circuit boards failure.

Most of today's manufacturing equipment or laboratory/medical systems contain electronic circuit boards.

When the circuit board fails and the equipment is not under warranty, it is likely that the OEM will only suggest an upgrade, which will come with a hefty price tag.

Repairing the card will most likely offer just a temporary solution; over the years, the circuit board is exposed to vibrations, moisture and dust and plain aging process.

Electronic components can get out of calibration or hidden faults can occur.

Refurbishing the printed circuit board ensures that these faults are all fixed and the components likely to fail in the future will be pro-actively replaced.

By refurbishing the printed circuit board, a technologically renewed card will be returned to service, ensuring further increased reliability of the equipment.

The process of refurbishing electronic circuit boards requires advanced knowledge and expertise combined with the use of sophisticated In Circuit Testing and Functional Analysis.

The repair and refurbishment services for several equipment manufacturer, brand, type, function and age is offered by Rom-Control.

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