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When a company puts together a plan to maintain equipment critical to their operations they are in fact taking measures to eliminate as much as possible the monetary leaks that unscheduled maintenance and break downs can cause.

With a disciplined approach many companies are successful in holding these types of expenditures to a minimum. But when there is something that slips through the cracks (and there is always something that does), the exposure to elevated repair or replacement costs and lost opportunity becomes a stark reality.

A series of events are set in motion including:

  • Diagnosing the problem
  • Identifying and deciding on how to rectify the problem
  • Determining the available assets; financial, materials and talent
  • Procuring the necessary materials, talent and financing if needed
  • Transportation for materials and personnel if not onsite
  • The time it takes to procure all that is needed
  • Idle personnel
  • Correction or rework of errant production when the problem occurred
  • Complete replacement of subsystems due to model discontinuation

If the pressure is great enough and the perceived need high enough, the decision to either buy new equipment or subsystems may cause even deeper, more costly expenditures. These types of mishaps are what most maintenance managers look to reduce and/or eliminate all together.

But even the most disciplined manager is often up against budget restrictions that will cause them to omit or overlook some key areas or in many cases it is an area that most people will not even look at.

One of the often overlooked areas are the cabinets housing electronic equipment, PLCs, relays, PCBs and such, which usually work for years without breaking down. They have proven themselves reliable over the years, however there is a time when they will fail, usually when least expected and often at the worst opportune time. 

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