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Circuit board repair and refurbishment services from Rom-Control

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Circuit board repair and refurbishment services are available for several type of circuit board from Rom-Control , formerly known as Eltiv Australia Electronic Engineering.

Nevertheless, circuit board repair for the equipment used in the manufacturing, resources, utilities, transport, medical or R&D sectors is a real alternative to upgrading the entire system or when the original equipment manufacturer no longer provides support.

Rom-Control has been specialising in the repair and refurbishment of circuit boards for over 20 years.

Rom-Control’s flagship product is called ERef.

Here is how it works:

  • Customers identify and isolate the fault to a particular card or system. Particular attention shall be paid to ensuring that the fault is on the identified card/system and not somewhere else in the hosting system
  • The circuit boards/systems are sent to Rom-Control together with any documentation or schematics available
  • The ability to identify the faults and repair the circuit board is based on over 200 years of collective experience, backed up by a comprehensive pool of rare and superseded components
  • The circuit board repair process is followed by the value adding refurbishment service. This service includes proactive replacement of components prone to fail in the near future due to environmental conditions (vibration, moisture, dust, temperature) or age; Identification and repair of faults not visible to the naked eye that can cause intermittent faults in the future (cold joins, interruption in the circuit, stressed board, etc)
  • Upgrades of technologically superseded components
  • The quality of the circuit board repair and refurbishment service is thoroughly tested and the item is then shipped to the customer

The major advantage of the circuit board repair service (compared with the upgrade alternative) is:

  • Simple, plug-and-play process
  • No additional modifications required to the infrastructure
  • No additional training required (same equipment, same settings, same functionality)
  • Good quality (new technology is incorporated in the repaired/refurbished card/system)
  • Substantial savings
  • Reduction in inventory holdings (no longer required to hold multiple spare parts for the same model)

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