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Four day work-week- an OHS Plus

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New employment figures released by the ABS for Australia show that instead of soaring to about 8.5% as predicted, they have instead risen to a modest 5.8%. But, they do show 2 new trends.  While full- time employment is dropping, part- time work is rapidly increasing. And second, employees work hours are being reduced in an effort to retain workers. The goal - reduce business costs.

If the work week was reduced to 4 days and Thursday became the new Friday, consider the new savings… Friday becomes a super saver day. Electricity use goes down (less green house gases); Friday traffic gridlock vaporises –  with resulting fuel savings (and cleaner air); workers are less tired, stressed out, with fewer accidents- less pressure on hospitals; fewer Workers Comp claims; fewer sick days; fewer workplace errors and less workplace conflict.

While on the plus side of the ledger workers enjoy a sense of well- being, enjoy more family bonding time and everyone does more shopping – good for the economy.  Research has been going on Overseas into just the above happier more sensible work-week scenario. The General Motors Plant in the American state of Ohio now works 4, ten hour days.  A kickback to the 1930s -when Henry Ford, started the five day, 40 hour work- week. With the increases in OH & S and economic benefits. The difference? A small tweak makes TGIF in to the new TGIT.

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