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Economic Revival and Job Satisfaction

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Learning and acquiring new workplace skills is a well known tool to use in changing boring highly repetitive tasks to a more interesting and a more challenging work environment. An example can strongly illustrate this point.

For the poorly motivated worker who regularly forgets to use safety glasses performing a hazardous task of say, using an abrasive power tool- requiring this operator to participate in educating co-workers about meshing a safe work method with performance of the task, can bring home the safety element not only to the non- conforming worker but, all employees.

This can be achieved by giving the operator a one- page list of bullet- points for the safe performance of the task. Bullet-points that include: elements of NSW OHS Law and Workcover NSW Guide material. This is given to the operator to read study and then prepare for his presentation to a group of co- workers on a set day perhaps 2 weeks ahead. Presentation time – 10 minutes.Successful presentation of this training material can give the worker a strong positive ‘take’ on more safely performing the task. And generate at the same time, a feeling of job satisfaction. Work becomes more meaningful. And this type of exercise can be repeated in many areas of your business.  

These latter can evidence your company’s - due diligence.  Whether you have an existing Safety Management System or are still establishing your business’ SMS, RMH  can review your present system or advise you on your key compliance requirements customised to your business’ specific risks and hazards.

RMH Schaffer & Co , O H & S consultants specialise in developing for clients a customised set of ONE PAGE O H &S documents. 

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