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RFID technology provided by RFID Association Australia

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RFID Association Australia  provides complete RFID solutions. Apart from RFID technology and RFID tags, RFID Association Australia provides latest news and development in the field of RFID. RFID is an electronic tagging technology which allows an object, place or person to be identified at a distance without a direct line-of-sight with the help of radio waves.

RFID technology has been widely accepted and can be used in a wide range of applications. Some of the applications of RFID technology include keyless entry systems on cars with integrated small RFID reader (a key fob) and an RFID tag (inside car) and when these two match, entry to vehicle can be granted. RFID technology can also be used to prevent theft from department stores where tags are attached to cloths, CDs and other items and their tag readers can be placed near exits. The reader at the exit activates the tag at a distance and the tag returns its ID (and other information if required) to the reader through radio waves.

Some of the other applications of RFID technology provided by RFID Association Australia include labeling products for rapid checkout at a point-of-sale terminal, inventory tracking, animal tagging, timing marathon runners, secure automobile keys and access control for secure facilities.

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