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Split Core Components from RFI Industries

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RFI Industries  is a supplier of a diverse range of small household appliances and large military vehicles. For retrofit and post-assembly operations, they provide a selection of Laird’s split components. Similar in performance to Laird’s one-piece core designs, these split ferrite cores provide common and differential mode EMI suppression on round cable assemblies. Lightweight plastic snap-on cases provide secure closure of the split ferrite cores onto the cable.

Internal core diameters are available from 3.5mm to 19.3mm radius. Precision formed smooth surfaces prevent damage to wire insulation. The components are available in Laird low frequency broad band (27); broad band (28) or high frequency (HF) materials. Custom designs are also available. The in-circuit impedance of the device may be substantially increased by passing 2 turns of the wire conductor through the ferrite core assembly the split nature of the core allows for easy retrofitting.

Applications include internal and external power cables, internal cables between PC boards and data connectors, monitor cables, DC and AC power supply cables and printer cables.

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