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Software extends TWTA tube life.

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RFI Industries has introduced new software features that improve the performance of Amplifier Research’ traveling wave tube amplifiers (TWTAs), and save users thousands of dollars.

Called Sleep Mode and AutoSleep Mode, the new features allow traveling-wave tubes to turn off when an amplifier is not needed to operate, or produce RF power.

Because of this, customer concern over unnecessary tube wear-out , the number one TWTA problem according to many users, can be virtually eliminated.

Until now, tube filaments ran, or were "on" as long as the amplifier was turned on, whether the amplifier was in active use or not. This significantly shortened tube life. It also meant that testers potentially had to replace the costliest component in a TWTA - the tube.

Sleep Mode and AutoSleep Mode change this.

Sleep Mode allows users to locally or remotely turn off and re-start filaments (and in some cases fans and power supplies) when not needed.

In AutoSleep Mode tube filament control automatically times out and turns off filaments when the unit has been left in standby mode and not in use for more than a pre-set period of time.

Similar to a PC's screen-saver operation, AutoSleep Mode is locally and remotely user programmable in half-hour increments up to a total of three hours.

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