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RF Connectors from RFI Industries

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RFI Industries  is well known for providing a range of EMI testing capabilities. They supply RF connectors that include attenuators, terminations, inter & intra series adapters.

Coaxial Components (COAXICOM) manufactures a broad range of RF connectors including  BNC/TNC, N, 3.5mm, SMA, SMB, SMC, 75ohm SMB & SMC,  SSMA, SSMB and SSMC as well as 

COAXICOM also manufactures a broad line of standard and custom flexible, semi-rigid, and Ultra-Flex cable assemblies. Low loss, high performance cables, as well as ruggedised assemblies suitable for production environments are also available. Standard and custom flexible cable assemblies can be supplied using virtually all of the common RG Type Cables. They also manufacture assemblies using industry standard cables, such as the LMR series from Times, and application-specific cables from Belden. Virtually all connector series and combinations are,consistent with the size of the cable selected.

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