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Portable Field Monitoring System from RFI Industries

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Wavecontrol have released a portable Electromagnetic Field Monitoring System, model SMP. It is now available from RFI Industries .

SMP Field Monitoring System is designed to measure broadband emissions in the range 100khz to 3Ghz using the WPF3 broadband probe and also emissions specific to mobile telephone systems (GSM900,GSM1800 and 3G) by using the WPT mobile telephone probe.

SMP Field meters can sample the field level continuously and store the data in it’s internal memory which can accommodate up to 64,000 samples. The stored data from the testers can be easily downloaded to a PC via a USB port for post processing

The SMP Field Monitoring System can be optionally equipped with an internal GPS module so the measured data can be associated to its position and displayed on a GIS application.

The measurements are performed according to the most recognized international standards (EU and ICNIRP) and recommendations related to the evaluation of the human exposure to the electromagnetic fields.

The SMP Field Monitoring System integrates a new multi-measurement system that allows performing instant measurements of the total field level, Ex, Ey and Ez separately, continuous measurements, arithmetic averaging, minimum and maximum values, and normative measurements.

The internal configurable alarm generates an audible signal (warning) when the measured level exceeds the adjustable threshold.

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