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In recent years there have been significant developments in the field of mobile telephony, creating many new features but also creating some concerns about network coverage, quality of service and also the effects on the electromagnetic environment.

The MapEM system allows the user to get access to technical information to address all 3 concerns. Exhaustively mapping a territory by continuously monitoring the electric field intensity (V/m) allows the user to obtain a “picture” of the electromagnetic radiation levels. MapEM is able to collect real data on the electromagnetic field levels found on the city streets in order to guarantee that those levels do not exceed the human exposure limits specified in national and international standards. MapEM can also allow the determination of the coverage level and the quality of service so that operators have the right technical data to guarantee that their customers are being provided with a good coverage level and quality of service (QOS).

The system consists of a mobile unit equipped with field sensors, GPS, communication equipment and a computer to automate the process.Acquisition and control software automates all the receiving, processing, storing and managing the measured data. The software operates in two ways. First by linking the received data with the exact GPS position, and secondly by superimposing the data on the cartographic display by coding the levels in colours and the coverage and the quality of service in layers to obtain visual and therefore easily understandable results.

The MapEM system enables simultaneous measurement of the coverage level and the quality of service of the different wireless service providers’ networks.

Whether your goal is to audit the network or to manage the electromagnetic environment of a city or territory, the MapEM tool will provide the data to set up mobile phone networks with a good coverage and quality of service at the lowest field levels possible.

MapEM also allows measurement of the electromagnetic field levels by using a broadband measurement probe. It is available from RFI Industries .

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