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Laser-powered field strength probe

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article image Radisense triaxial field strength probe.

DARE Development, represented in Australia by RFI Industries Pty Ltd , has introduced Radisense, a triaxial field strength probe with the ability to measure up to1000V/m (optionally 4000V/m) at frequencies from 10kHz to 4GHz.

To perform accurate field strength measurements, the probe must be small in relation to the wavelength of the measured signal. If probe dimensions are oversized, it will cause resonances at higher frequencies, attributing significantly to the total measurement uncertainty.

The introduction of the Radisense field strength probe puts an end to all size related measurement problems. With a measurement volume of less than 75cm3, the probe ensures reliable measurements. In comparison, present probes perform measurements averaging over a volume ranging between 300 and 1000cm3, introducing substantial measurement errors.

Another drawback to standard field probes is that they are battery operated. The use of batteries is understandable, as galvanic wires would influence the measured field.

However, batteries are quickly drained, and are often empty when they are most needed. A battery-operated probe, for example, is particularly useless for continuous measurements such as during overnight testing.

The Radisense is the first field strength probe powered by a high power LASER. The probe measures the field which is amplified by low noise amplifiers and processed by a single chip microprocessor, which communicates the measured values to a PC through a second fibre optic cable.

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