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Laird’s Rectangular EMI Ferrite Cores from RFI Industries

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article image Laird’s Rectangular EMI Ferrite Cores from RFI Industries

RFI Industries  designs and installs different types of radio frequency shielded enclosure. Their Laird's Rectangular EMI Suppression Ferrite Cores provide a means of reducing common mode EMI on flat or ribbon type cable assemblies. They are frequently used to suppress EMI on the internal data cable assemblies of electronic equipment. By reducing the level of interference radiated or received by internal cables, these ferrite cores can reduce the amount of overall shielding required confining EMI within a product's enclosure.

Laird also provides split components for retrofit and post-assembly operations. Similar in performance to Laird’s one piece core designs, these split ferrite cores provide differential and common mode EMI suppression on flat cable assemblies. Lightweight  metal or plastic end clips provide secure closure of the ferrite onto the cable.

Slot widths of both types are available from 6.0mm to 68.6mm and slot heights from  0.51mm. Precision formed smooth surfaces prevent damage to wire insulation. Cores are available in Laird broad band (28) and high frequency (HF) materials custom designs are also available. Applications include minimising interference to or from internal floppy disk and hard disk ribbon cables, internal ribbon cables between circuit boards and data connectors and printer cables.

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