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EMC testing equipment from RFI Industries

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RFI Industries  offers a diverse range of EMC testing equipment to the local and international markets. RFI Industries also provides a varied range of items such as small household appliances to large military vehicles. RFI Industries offers products such as EMI/EMC instruments and EMI/EMC components. The EMI/EMC components from RFI Industries comprise of absorbers, fabric over foam, gaskets, honeycombs, ferrites, RF shielded architectural glass, RF shielding mesh, finger strips, conductive tapes, EMI filters and power line filters.

The absorbers from RFI Industries comprise of models such as the Anechoic Absorber DML Series, Anechoic Absorber RFAD Series, Anechoic Absorber RFB Series-Corner Block, Anechoic Absorber RFWW Series-Walkway, Anechoic Absorber SLH-1300, Anechoic Absorber SLPT-500, Broadband Absorber EBB-600, Broadband Convoluted Absorber, Broadband EMC Absorber EMC-24CL, Ferrite Absorber Tiles RFCF Series and Ferrosorb FS-400, FS-400. The honeycomb vent, offered by RFI Industries, comprises of models such as the EMI RFI Shielded ventilating panels, Waveguide pipe entry and Waveguide vents M-60582-2.

The ferrites from RFI Industries comprise of products such as EMI ferrite chip beads, ferrite EMI cable cores and wiring harnesses. The RF shielded architectural glass, provided by RFI Industries, is double-glazed using six millimetre toughened glass. The design of the RF shielded architectural glass allows a complete grounding of the shielding element through the seal of the glass unit to the window frame or building structure.

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