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EMC solution for Firewire and USB 2

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RFI Industries has announced the release of Steward's patented range of ferrite mulitiline common mode choke arrays providing economical EMI filtering solutions for both Firewire and USB 2.0 applications.

Steward's unique product geometry minimises net circuit impedance thus allowing for digital video signals to pass through the common mode choke without any loss of picture quality.

Product geometry and superior materials also minimise excessive crosstalk between the data lines helping to maintain signal integrity.

Available as 4-channel CM2722, 6-channel CM3822, or 8-channel CM5022 parts, these allow for simple, cost effective single, dual, tri and quad port filtering on USB and Firewire systems.

All parts are capable of operating at 5 amps continuously and have low DCR to minimise signal distortion. Their low profile part size and shape allows for ease of installation behind the USB connector.

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