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EMC receiver with click rate measurement

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article image UCR3000M – fully compliant.

MESSTEC, distributed in Australia by RFI Industries , has added additional capabilities to its UCR3000M ultra-compact, fully compliant EMC measuring receiver. UCR3000M is available in two versions.

Model UCR3000M/1000 covers the frequency range of 9kHz to 1000MHz and model UCR3000M covers the extended frequency range of 9kHz to 3GHZ. UCR3000M/1000 can be subsequently upgraded to UCR3000M specifications by adding the upgrade option.

Fully CISPR16 compliant, UCR3000M has a built in spectrum analysis function,integrated tracking and calibration generators, 8 audio demodulators for signal analysis and automatic CISPR measurement.

RS232 and GPIB interfaces are standard as is PCMCIA slot for storage of results. The latest firmware adds a click receiver capability and the latest control software now incorporates a real time mode allowing the user to view the measurement results as the receiver is sweeping.

The receiver can operate standalone, or via a PC using Windows software. Graphic data can be printed or exported in a number of different formats, e.g. JPEG or BMP. Additionally, tabular data can be exported as text, Excel, XML or HTML formats.

Messtec believes that UCR3000M is the smallest full compliance receiver currently available. The receiver weighs only 13.5kg including the internal battery.

Messtec offers a full range of products for EMC measurement, including antennas, LISNs, near field probes, and accessories.

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