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Broadband comparison noise source

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article image Three monopole antennas are available.

YORK EMC Services, distributed in Australia by RFI Industries , has introduced the model CNE III comparison noise emitter.

The CNE III is a broadband noise source with a usable output power from 9kHz to 2GHz. Three monopole antennas are available which may be attached to the BNC connector on the top of the unit enabling it to act as a radiating field source.

The CNE can be used as a source for carrying out checks on open area test sites (OATS) and anechoic chambers. The broadband nature of the output enables the observation of details which would be missed with a comb generator.

The power output of the unit also avoids the overloads possible with impulsive noise sources which may cause damage to the sensitive input circuits of receiving equipment.

The unit is battery powered so that it can be operated as a small source without the effect of cables which would modify the fields generated. Alternatively cables can be connected to the output or the earth stud on one side of the unit, to investigate the effect of cables and cable positioning on measurements.

The CNE is housed in a plated metal box so that it can be mounted in direct contact with a metal ground plane if desired. The batteries are easily removed and replaced to minimise the potential down time.

An adapter is available which provides a capacitive link from the output of the CNE to a standard IEC 320 mains power connector. This allows checks and investigations on conducted measurements to be made (e.g. LISN, absorbing clamp).

The microprocessor control allows the operating time of the unit to be adjusted from a minimum period of 15 minutes to continuous operation. The unit will turn off automatically if the batteries are low.

York EMC Services design and manufacture unique EMC test equipment that is used in EMC test laboratories throughout the world.

York offers a wide range of noise sources known as the Comparison Noise Emitters (CNE) covering the frequency spectrum from 9kHz to 7GHz as well as Comb Generators from 100MHz to 26GHz.

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