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Broadband EMC test antennas

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article image Designed for EMC emissions and immunity testing.

SUNOL Sciences, represented in Australia by RFI Industries , has released the JB series of antennas, designed for EMC emissions and immunity testing.

The broadband characteristics of the antennas enable them to operate over a wide frequency range. This is essential for automated test environments. They offer long-lasting strength and mechanical integrity, resulting in an electrically stable measuring instrument that maintains calibration over extended use.

There are three models in the series. All of them have a lower frequency limit of 30MHz. The upper frequency ranges are 2GHz (model JB1), 3GHz (model JB2) and 5GHz (model JB3) and a maximum power handling capability of up to 1kW (30MHz-200MHz).

The antenna boom is made from a custom aluminium extrusion that reduces the number of parts at the nose. The result is a strong and stable feed point and excellent cross-polarisation properties. The shape allows for a larger feed cable to be used, which significantly increases the maximum power rating. Dipole elements are permanently attached to the boom by an assembly technique that maintains excellent electrical characteristics for the life of the antenna.

The low-frequency wings are swept forward and turned in at the ends to reduce ground plane coupling while maintaining performance. Each wing is attached with dual-compression fittings for true alignment. A powder coat finish with UV inhibitors seals the alumintum structure and protects it from sunlight and moisture.

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