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Vocollect Voice Picking Solutions from RFBS Improve Productivity and Accuracy

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Vocollect voice picking solutions available from RFBS are tested and proven solutions that deliver performance improvements in productivity, accuracy, cost reduction and job satisfaction for mobile employees.

Vocollect is a voice-centric technology typically used in warehousing applications.

Employed successfully in warehousing and distribution environments for over 20 years, Vocollect voice picking solutions talk people through their daily tasks with personal voice dialogues.

Key highlights of Vocollect voice picking solutions: 

  • Implemented at 1000+ customer sites
  • 300,000+ users on six continents
  • Up to 30% increased productivity
  • Up to 50% reduced errors
  • 50% reduced training time
  • Up to 99.995% accuracy
  • Approximately 12-month ROI
  • 50% less time managing returns

Voice picking technologies help to enhance accuracy especially in warehousing environments by applying a more focused approach with no distractions of paper, processes or keypads.

Key benefits include:

  • Increased productivity as a result of personal voice-directed dialogues
  • Faster new worker training, reducing training time from days to minutes
  • Greater operational efficiency from quicker dispatch, less errors and less returns increases customer satisfaction
  • Reduced administration costs by eliminating forms, paperwork and duplication
  • OHS advantages as lifting and carrying is more accessible  
  • Can be used in conjunction with scanning solutions

Voice picking technologies are suitable for implementation in companies dealing with bulk or heavy items, cold storage, consumables as well as large distribution products.

RFBS offers free demonstrations of voice-centric warehouse solutions to all businesses.

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