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The Right Time for Small Businesses to Automate Mobile Teams

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RFBS  offers a wide range of automated solutions including identification and mobility technologies for greater business efficiencies in diverse industrial environments.  

By adopting the right technologies, small businesses can improve product tracking and real-time database access to build stronger customer service as well as get their mobile sales and service teams more efficient.  

Customer service or dealing with orders?  

Technology allows one to have both without compromises. While technology may play down the personal touch factor, touch screen PDAs can help build customer relationships through efficiency and professionalism.  

PDAs can score over traditional methods of doing business, for instance while closing an order through accurate entry of data, quicker access to real-time information and zero inconvenience to the customer without bags of paperwork.   

The bottom line is the satisfied customer comes back for more business.  

When is the right time to change?  

It is important to be adaptable in the business environment. Mobility technology is a proven solution and has been around for over 20 years.  

When thinking of moving to a more automated system, it is crucial to get the experts in to look at the business needs, discuss specific requirements with the workforce and begin the process of understanding, educating and realising the potential.  

Planning in advance will help address questions and issues that are directly relevant to the business. Besides, the workforce may just be as eager to begin the automation process to help ease their work in addition to gaining from potential savings in time, money and customer satisfaction.  

The transition from planning to execution will be smoother, quicker and more cost-effective than initial perceptions.  

Selecting the right solutions: Will the system work for the business?  

Experts such as the team at RFBS can help guide a business through a successful transition.  

There are several mobility technologies in the market with different features to cater to specific requirements in diverse industrial environments.  

RFBS works with a select group of quality partners and manufacturers, and can help businesses access the right products for their needs after due assessment of business requirements.

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