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RFBS Vocollect Voice Picking Demonstrations at the Smart Conference

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RFBS  was able to demonstration their Vocollect voice picking solution at the recent Smart Conference & Exhibition in Sydney. The Smart Conference gave RFBS an opportunity to demonstrate the voice directed warehouse solution to a wider audience.  

According to RFBS Director Timothy Muir, visitors to the RFBS stand saw first-hand how a voice directed warehouse improved productivity, accuracy and safety in a warehouse environment. The live Vocollect voice picking demonstrations were a representation of the solution’s possibilities in any warehouse or DC.  

The stand was designed to resemble a warehouse while the RFBS team demonstrated how voice could be used for picking anything from pens to large cartons and pallets, making it accessible to all types of industries and companies.  

Visitors from diverse industries and sectors attended the 40+ demonstrations followed by discussions on the application of the hands-free, eyes-free Vocollect voice picking system by their pickers or in their warehouse.  

Vocollect voice increases productivity through personalised voice directed dialogues, creates a more focused environment for the picker with no distractions and reduces paperwork and duplication throughout the warehouse.  

RFBS is now working with interested visitors from the event to arrange onsite demonstrations of the Vocollect voice directed warehouse.

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