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RFBS’ Solutions Make Warehouses Tick

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RFBS  is a solutions provider for the warehousing industry, offering warehouse management software, warehousing computers, mobile technologies and voice-directed solutions to increase overall productivity.  

While every business and warehouse or distribution centre works differently, some perform better than others.  

Key factors that influence warehouse productivity include the people, the processes, the layout, the technology and the products. By understanding how they work, one can better understand how to make them work better.  

By understanding the lynchpin that keeps orders flowing into and out of the warehouse, one can plan and implement the most effective solution to make it even more efficient, productive and accurate.  

It is immaterial if one is working with a team of 100 or 1, whether the warehouse is a 10,000sqm or 100sqm layout or the product is small, large, inexpensive or high value; the fundamentals remain the same.  


People are critical to the success or failure of any process in place.  

Employees are usually more willing to try new approaches and may already have experience in working with automated inventory, warehouse or stock control systems.   


Processes determine how stock is received, picked and dispatched.  

While the processes may have been in place for a long time and worked well in the past, some changes may actually ensure that error rates are reduced, customer returns are negligible and picking is done by priority and not by picker’s preference.  


The layout of the warehouse is impacted by changing products, changing fast-moving goods and picker's routes for picking.  

Implementing an automated system using RF scanning or voice efficiency ensures improvements in effective placement of goods to optimise the time it takes to pick each order. 


Technology helps increase productivity, effectiveness and efficiency to suit specific business needs. An assessment of the warehouse is essential to maximising the investment.  

Getting it right the first time creates the catalyst for improvements that grow as the company does.


Products can impact the performance of the company especially when they are sent out in error or lost during stock take time.  

Automated systems can greatly reduce the risk of mis-picks, enabling rolling stocktakes and reducing the amount of labour required each day to move each item through the facility.  

RBFS offers external warehouse reviews and warehouse assessments to offer greater visibility on productive workflows and help the business owner implement time-saving technology.

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