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RFMD GaN Wide-Band Power Amplifiers from RF Parts Australia

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RF Parts Australia  offers the RF3934, a 140-watt highly-efficient gallium nitride (GaN) RF unmatched power transistor (UPT) designed for green buildings.

RF3934 unmatched power transistors are a line of GaN wide-band power amplifiers offering superior performance over competing GaAs and silicon power technologies.

RFMD's unmatched power transistors support green architectures designed to reduce energy consumption, improving thermal management and network efficiency for network operators.

The RF3934 GaN power amplifiers operate over a broad frequency range (DC to 3GHz) in a single amplifier design. The high peak efficiency of >65% minimises thermal management demand and improves overall power consumption requirements for end customers.

Simple, optimised matching networks external to the package are incorporated to enhance ease of design implementation and integration, providing wideband gain and power performance advantages in a single amplifier.

The RF3934 power amplifiers are packaged in a hermetic, flanged ceramic two-leaded package that leverages RFMD's advanced heat sink and power dissipation technologies to deliver excellent thermal stability and conductivity.

The RF3934 UPTs are suitable for broadband, test and measurement, military and space, LO and IF mixer as well as high IP3 RF driver applications.

Key features:

  • Broadband performance
  • Gain=15.4dB at 3GHz
  • P1dB=16.7dBm at 3GHz
  • Low-noise, efficient gain block
  • 5V single supply operation
  • Low gain variation versus temperature

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