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RF Parts Australia's PSA-6000 spectrum analysers

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RF Parts Australia  provides a range of test and measurement devices including its PSA-6000 spectrum analyser which can be used to examine the spectral composition and intensity of various waveforms including electric, light and acoustic waveforms.

Key features and benefits of RF Parts’ spectrum analyser include: 

  • uses a high performance digital synthesiser method used to detect waveforms
  • wide frequency coverage from 9kHz to 6.2 GHz
  • wide input dynamic range from -105 to 20dBm
  • high quality display with a high definition 640 × 480 colour TFT LCD screen
  • simple and easy to use key functions
  • compact and portable device 
  • can store measured data into inbuilt memory
  • data provided in GIF formats
  • data can be transferred to a computer device through the USB 1.1 and 2.0 compatible port
  • firmware can be download through company’s website and transferred through USBs 
  • Centronics printers and USB interface printers support the printing of data from the analyser device
  • large internal memory space – stores a maximum of 900 waveforms and 3000 states
The product uses simple CMDA measurement  (channel power measurements, ACPR, ACLR and OCBW) to measure the spectrum wavelengths. 

The channel power (CHP) measurement function allows mobile communications and mobile devices to be measured.

The OCBW measurement function measures the occupied bandwidth of modulation signal units of percentages.

The ACP measurement function allows for the measurement of the influence of transmitted power on adjacent channels of a measured device. 

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