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RF Parts Australia launches new RFMD 3G Transmit Modules

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article image RFMD RF3232 Transmit Module

RF Parts Australia  has launched four new products designed to accelerate the implementation of 3G entry-level feature phones supporting one-to-two bands of WCDMA and two-to-four bands of GSM/GPRS. The RFMD RF3230, RF3231, RF3232, and RF3171 models feature a GSM/GPRS power amplifier (PA) and an integrated pHEMT switch to support 3G linearity requirements. This offers an integrated and efficient alternative to discrete RF front end implementations. The RF3231 and RF3232 models are compatible with Infineon as well as other leading open-market 3G chipset suppliers.    

The RF3231 is a dual-band GSM/GPRS Class 12 transmit module with one low-loss wideband transmit/receive port and two interchangeable GSM Rx ports. The RF3231 also features an integrated switch, integrated harmonic filtering, and RF Parts Australia’s patented PowerStar(R) integrated power control technology. The system is designed for use as the final part of the transmitter section in a GSM900/DCS1800/WCDMA handset and minimises the need for a PA-to-antenna switch module matching network. It provides 50 ohm matched input and output ports requiring no external matching components.

The RF3232 increases functionality with one additional wideband TRx port. The RF3230 is a quad-band TxM with two low-loss wideband TRx ports and four interchangeable GSM Rx ports. The RF3171 adds Large Signal Polar EDGE capability to the lineup and is optimized to support Qualcomm and ST-Ericsson 3G chipsets.

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