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Multi-Use GaAs distributed amplifiers die from RF Parts

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RF Parts  announces RFMD’s SDA family line of directly coupled (DC) GaAs microwave monolithic integrated circuit (MMIC) distributed driver amplifiers die for broadband high-frequency applications. The amplifier die is designed to support a wide range of high frequency commercial, military and space applications.

Operating in the DC to 35 GHz range, the amplifiers die is ideal for wideband amplifier gain blocks, aerospace applications, clock drivers, modulators, broadband test equipment (ATE), military, Mach Zehnder Modulated (MZM) laser drivers, instrumentation and more.

Multi-Use GaAs distributed amplifiers die features:

  • Chip size: 3.1 x 1.45mm²
  • Excellent peak top peak voltage capability
  • Gain: 13-17 dBm
  • NF ˜ 2 to 3dB at mid-range
  • P1dB: 17, 20, 24, 25, 26dBm
  • Unconditional stable
  • wideband operation up to 35GHz

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