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RF Micro Devices has released a family of linear power amplifier (PA) modules for CDMA applications. They are available from RF Parts . The RF3163, RF3164 and RF3165 PA modules are manufactured with a gallium arsenide heterojunction bipolar transistor (GaAs HBT) process.

Applications include 3V IS-95/CDMA 2000 1X handheld digital cellular equipment and spread-spectrum systems. The modules measure 3mm x 3mm x 0.9mm. They are based upon RFMD's lead frame module (LFM) packaging technology. LFM eliminates surface mount devices and its associated costs by integrating passive components into the GaAs die. Products designed with the technology do not require laminate or low temperature cofired ceramic substrates or surface mount components. This simplifies the production supply chain and decreases manufacturing lead time.

The PA modules offer high thermal dissipation, moisture sensitivity, and electrostatic discharge sensitivity. The PA modules feature MSM-driven digital control lines to lower quiescent current for increased talk time in low power conditions. The modules have a with 50Ω input and output. They are internally matched to obtain optimum power, efficiency, and linearity.

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