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Simplifying long-range two-way radio

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RF Modules Australia has made longer-range two-way radio linking easy with Radiometrix’s new RPM1 VHF radio packet modem

Radiometrix’s newly launched VHF radio packet modem (RPM1) is an intelligent wireless serial cable replacement device

It enables a two-way radio network for data to be established remarkably easily between two or more serial devices with DTE baud rates from 600bps to 115200bps and over-air data rates exceeding 2400bps (fully acknowledged), over a usable range exceeding 1km.

As such, the RPM1 acts as a 'transparent' serial cable to the attached host. Using addressable data packets, point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and broadcast modes, a network can be established with throughput of over 5.3kbps.

The highly compact (39 X 23 X 15mm) RPM1 is PCB mountable, and is ideal for low power applications where existing wideband modems have too little range.

The RPM1 will find use in sectors where an extended range wireless link adds to ease of operation with no messy wiring to get in the way.

These include: GPS (NMEA) position reporting; telemetry and telecontrol; EPOS equipment; barcode scanners; belt clip printers; stock control; job allocation; remote data acquisition and data loggers; in-building environmental monitoring and control systems; top-end security and alarm signalling; automated monitoring and control systems; fleet management and vehicle data acquisition.

For reliable wireless data linking, the RPM1 uses its extra processing power to take care of error checking by sending encoded data with checksum, acknowledgements and retransmissions.

Designed to make it as easy as possible for users or OEMs to install and deploy, the RPM1’s serial interface ensures direct connection to microprocessor UART or to RS232 port via RS232 line driver, while remote configuration allows modem set-up after installation.

Radiometrix’s RPM1, also available as separate RPM1T transmitter and RPM1R receiver for one-way communication, has remote over-air unit configuration, and features in-built command line configuration and RF link diagnostics.

Running from a single 5V (up to 100mW) or 3.3V (10mW max.) supply, and with an auto standby mode, the modem consumes little current.

Radiometrix’s RPM1 conforms to the European ETSI EN 300 220-3 and EN 301 489-3 (at 10mW on 173.250MHz), as well as to the Australian/New Zealand AS/NZS 4268:2003 (at 100mW on 151.300MHz).

RF Modules Australia is a distributor of low power license exempt VHF and UHF wireless OEM modules and other industrial control and monitoring equipment and radio modems.

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