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RF Modules Australia has introduced to Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia the Radiometrix miniature BiM1 VHF transceiver module that is useful for long range, low-power bi-directional data link applications.

The BiM1 VHF transceiver modules from Radiometrix offer a long range, low-power, reliable bi-directional data link in the company's transceiver standard pin-out and footprint.

This makes the BiM1 ideal for low power applications where existing wideband modules do not have sufficient range.

Moreover, Radiometrix's BiM1 transceiver module is highly compact (33 x 23 x 10mm) and this, together with the low power requirement, makes it suitable for PCB mounting.

The BiM1 is adapted for a wide range of low-power and bi-directional wireless connectivity applications in battery-powered and hand-held equipment.

These include remote meter reading, PDAs, organisers, laptops, hand-held terminals, EPOS equipment, barcode scanners, data loggers, in-building/outdoor environmental monitoring and control, high-end security and fire alarm systems and also vehicle data download/upload systems.

Many of these applications are in rapidly expanding markets and represent a major opportunity for OEMs manufacturing such equipment.

The BiM1 which conforms to ETSI EN 300 220-3 and EN 301 489-3, has been designed with a host of features.

BiM1 is available license exempt at 100mW in Australia on the frequencies of 151.275MHz 151.300MHz & 151.600MHz, and New Zealand with 173.225MHz & 173.250MHz with other frequencies (from 120MHz to 180MHz) available.

The data rate is up to 10kbps for the standard BiM1 module and the usable range is over 10km. The BiM1 is a fully-screened OEM module and has been provided with a feature-rich interface.

RF Modules Australia is a distributor of low power license exempt VHF and UHF wireless OEM modules and other industrial control and monitoring equipment and radio modems.

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