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BiM family of Radio Modules from RF Modules

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The Radiometrix BiM family of Radio Modules, available from RF Modules , is a flexible and versatile range of single channel transceiver radio modules.

The BiM family of Radio Modules is built around a single common footprint.

The BiM footprint is not only small providing a high degree of miniaturisation but also provides transmit and receive enable lines and an RSSI output from the receiver.

The BiM family of Radio Modules includes both narrowband and wideband options in power output levels upto 100mW (VHF) and 25mW (UHF).

The BiM range of transceivers includes the BiM1 – VHF 151MHz/173MHz, BiM2A – UHF 433MHz, NiM2 – UHF 434MHz and the BiM3A – UHF 918MHz. The BiM range of transceivers measure a tiny 23mm wide by 30.5mm long. The height varies from 5mm for the BiM2A and BiM3A, to 10mm high for the BiM1 and NiM2.

For those products that do not need a transceiver, each of the BiM family of Radio Modules is available in their equivalent transmitter and receiver modules while still maintaining the standard BiM footprint.

This is suitable product for product managers. Not only one hardware version for the product is needed and by simply replacing the BiM radio module, the whole VHF to UHF licence exempt radio bands in both half duplex and simplex forms can be covered.

Applications for the BiM family of modules include the following:

  • PDAs, organisers and laptops
  • Handheld terminals
  • EPOS equipment, barcode scanners, belt clip printers
  • Data loggers
  • Audience response systems
  • In-building environmental monitoring and control
  • Security and fire alarms
  • Restaurant ordering systems
  • Vehicle data up/download

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