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16-port serial terminal server available from RF Modules Australia

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Sena STS1600, available from RF Modules Australia , is a 16-port serial terminal server that connects RS232 serial devices to the 10/100 Base-T Ethernet network with advanced features such as flexible operation mode, TCP/UDP multicasting, telnet COM port control protocol support (RFC2217 compliant), SSL encryption, flexible customisation, PC Card support and port event handling.

STS1600 handles serial data transfer rate up to 230Kbit/s. On the Ethernet side, Sena STS1600supports static and dynamic IP address. Dynamic DNS protocol is supplied for floating IP environments to allow access via a static domain name.

Telnet COM port control

In TCP mode, the STS1600 supports telnet COM port control option (RFC 2217 compliant) that is used to access serial devices over the network. This option enable user applications to set the parameters of remote serial ports (baud rate, flow control, etc.), detect line signal changes, as well as receive and transmit data. In addition, when working with Serial/IP COM port redirector, the STS1600 transmit all serial signals including DTR, DSR and DCD.

Modem emulation over SSL

The STS1600 supports modem emulation mode over SSL encryption. This feature provides secure serial modem emulation, accepting AT commands in an encrypted format to connect and communicate with serial devices. It means that equipment that was designed only for modem access can now communicate securely to its corresponding software application across the Ethernet.

Customisation features

The STS1600 employs an embedded Linux Operating system and facilitates user customisation using command-line interface or one of several prepared scripts, using UNIX/Linux commands. Sena provides easy to use Software Development Kit (SDK) environment to quickly develop custom applications that run on the STS1600.

In addition, user can manipulate the raw data stream between remote host and serial device by adding a filtering program. Users can customise the web management interface, and integrate the programmed dynamic web pages to web menu.

TCP/UDP multicasting and security features

TCP/UDP multicasting feature is provided for those applications, which involve a serial device sending messages to many PC host (Max. 8) simultaneously. For secure data communication between a client and a server, SSL and RC4 encryption features are provided. In addition, HTTPS for secure data transfer over the web, and IP filtering controls the access to serial devices.

PCMCIA interface

PCMCIA interface of the STS1600 supports PC cards such as LAN/Wireless LAN card to access another network, PSTN/CDMA card for out-of-band access, and Flash Memory card for storage.

Lower latency

The STS1600 is shipped with a licensed version copy of COMPort Redirection Software, Serial/IP for free of charge. This software allows you to use the existing application programs based on serial communication and provides superior performance and low latency.

Surge protection

Built-in surge protection is added on serial port to safeguard the device from electrical interference, surges or spikes that could interrupt the system operation, i.e. ESD air 15KV, ESD contact 8KV, EFT 40A (5/50ns), and Lightning (8/20us).

Sena STS1600 Secure Terminal Server is available in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia from RF Modules Australia.

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