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Recopak launches new automatic case erectors

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New automatic case erectors, model ACE20, have been launched by Recopak. Recopak model ACE20 range of automatic case erectors are an inline motion style, designed to supply erected bottom sealed cases on demand or cycle continuously. The case erector design allows easy operator access to both sides, with electrically interlocked gull wing guarding.

A simple horizontal flat stack load style case magazine makes it easy for operators to load. The functional design of the Recopak Case Erector equipment makes format changes quick and simple.
The ACE20 is supplied in stainless steel fabrication featuring hot melt sealing as the case sealing medium. The hot melt system is mounted at a convenient height for maintenance refilling. The simple design and cyclic motion case transfer system increases reliability, reduces maintenance and machine down time.

Machine Description
The Recopak case erector Model ACE is designed to automatically erect and bottom hot melt seal most common RSC & HSC style case blanks, on demand or cycle continuously at speeds of up to 20 cases per minute. A simple horizontal load style case magazine, makes it easy for operators to load.

Machine Features of the case erector
§  Storage magazine to hold approximately 150 blanks.
§  Simple screw adjustment for fast size change.
§  Robust S/S laser cut frame with a brushed finish.
§  Easy load case magazine.
§  Positive dual vacuum head case erection system.
§  Electrically interlocked polycarbonate guarding.
§  PLC control and 24 DVC input output devices.
§  Hotmelt bottom seal.
§  Dual platten type compression.
§  Case transfer system protected by a torque limited worm drive.

§   Large capacity horizontal case blank magazine.
§   Tape sealing.

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