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Speed-Distance 200 Meters from RDS

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Speed-Distance 200 Meters from RDS are user-friendly, two channel instruments that display forward speed and total distance covered.

The information displayed by Speed-Distance 200 Meters can be converted from metric to imperial units whenever required. A programmable forward speed alarm - an internal audible alarm in tandem with an external alarm output, is also included.

A second external alarm output is triggered on Speed-Distance 200 Meters if the programmed maximum speed is exceeded for more than a pre-programmed period.

Depending on how Speed-Distance 200 Meters are installed, the alarm output can trigger an audible/visible alarm, or retard the vehicle (e.g. operating a fuel restricting solenoid valve).

While the forward speed is greater than the alarm speed, Speed-Distance 200 Meters also log the distance travelled over 4 Overspeed Ranges:

  • up to 5% over max speed
  • 5% to 20% over max speed
  • 20% to 50% over max speed
  • 50% or more over max speed

Speed-Distance 200 Meters comprise a complete system that includes:

  • The Head Unit.
  • A Forward Speed Sensor kit.
  • An automatic Cutout Switch to prevent distance accumulation, e.g. when the vehicle is out of work
  • A power supply kit
  • A Radar Speed Sensor is an option to the standard (magnetic)
  • Forward Speed Sensor

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