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Overload indicators and overload warning systems from RDS Australia

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RDS Australia  provides onsite installation services for RDS precision electronic weighing systems. RDS Australia offers Axlog alpha, a new generation industrial products. Axlog alpha is overload warning system ideal for trucks with spring and air suspension. Axlog alpha avoids axle and overload fines, prevents unnecessary breakdowns and excessive tyre wears.

Axlog alpha from RDS Australia has four large digits read out with IP 67 sealing and individual axle and audible alarm. Axlog is an overload indicator system which is available in two variants which includes Axlog Alpha and Axlog Alpha plus. Axlog alpha provides the following information to the operator which includes individual gross axle weight display and up to four axles overload alarm, audible alarm output, gross vehicle weight display and load light bar output capability etc.

RDS Australia offers Liftlog which is used for weighing on forklifts trucks. Liftlog measures, records and displays net weight lifted with respect to lift system hydraulic pressure. Liftlog consists of an illuminated four digit LCD display with five front panel switches, an internal audible alarm and an external load enter button.

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