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Multi functional monitor and weighing logs from RDS Australia

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RDS Australia  offers an installation service for RDS precision weighing systems. RDS Australia offers a wide range of products for agricultural industries which include weighlog, Ceres 8000i yield monitor, spray controller, speed and area monitor.

Ceres 8000i from RDS Australia is a multi-functional monitor with variable rate controller that can be configured for different range of applications. Ceres 8000i is ideally used for soil sampling, yield mapping and variable rate treatment for spreaders, sprayers and air seeders.

RDS Australia offers Weighlogs which is an electronic means for weighing goods by the measurement of hydraulic pressure. Weighlogs are available as weighlog 100 and weighlog 200 which takes reading during lifting and displays the weight and adds to the memory total.

Weighlog 100 from RDS Australia is intended for use on wheel loaders, skid-steer loaders, utility tractors with attached loader, gas powered fork lifts and backhoe loaders. Weighlogs measures, records, displays the net weight lifted based on sensing the hydraulic pressure of lift system. Weighlog from RDS Australia consists of an illuminated four digit LCD display with three panel switches, an internal audible alarm and an external pushbutton.

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