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RCR Tomlinson now offering quality certified laser cutting services on a range of materials

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article image RCR Tomlinson provide expert laser cutting services

RCR Tomlinson are one of Australia's largest quality certified laser cutting specialists and use laser technology that incorporates high precision cutting solutions for a diverse range of materials.

Providing flexible, high variation and high speed manufacturing for consistent, repeatable results in any quantity, RCR Tomlinson can laser cut a wide range of materials, including, but not limited to:

  • steel
  • stainless steel
  • aluminium
  • titanium
  • plastic
  • polycarbonate
  • timber
  • galvabond
  • nylon; and
  • acrylic.
In addition to these laser cutting services, RCR Tomlinson provide quality, value-adding services such as as galvanising, metal folding, painting, tapping, and welding.

To provide top quality laser cutting services, RCR Tomlinson use advanced computerised systems with the ability to accept parts information from clients via CAD files or even by reverse engineering samples. Internal systems are designed to allow clients to change part geometry with a minimum of effort and no tooling change and by retaining the cutting data, RCR Tomlinson are able to repeat the latest revision of the job with 100% accuracy.

Slot and tab solutions are also achievable with laser cutting, allowing for faster set ups that are more accurate and enable repeatable production for welding operations. Total part costs can also be reduced through slot and tab assemblies.

Laser cutting is a fast and cost effective alternative to other cutting methods and can be used in the following applications:

  • agricultural equipment
  • commercial transport
  • electronic equipment
  • food and beverage equipment
  • general engineering
  • industrial equipment.

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