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RCR Laser’s In-House Laser Cutting Technology

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RCR Laser, part of the RCR Tomlinson group is a specialist provider of precision laser cutting services for a diverse range of materials from metals and timber to acrylic.  

Cost Savings through Repeatable Accuracy  

Equipped with advanced computerised systems, RCR Laser is able to accept part information from clients in the form of CAD files, fully dimensioned drawings or even reverse engineering samples.  

RCR Laser’s internal systems are designed to allow clients to easily change part geometry with no tooling change. By retaining the cutting data, RCR Laser can recall the latest revision of any job and repeat it with 100% accuracy.  

With increasing capability delivered from the world’s most sophisticated computerised technology, laser cutting is more viable today than ever before as a replacement for other conventional processing methods.  

Laser cutting is fast and cost-effective when compared with the total cost of plasma, turret, router and water-jet cutting processes.  

Slot and Tab Solutions Achievable with Laser Cutting  

Advanced laser cutting technology allows for faster, more accurate and repeatable set-ups for welding operations. Total part costs can also be reduced through slot and tab assemblies.  

Laser cut components offer benefits such as higher accuracy, no part cleanup, no tooling and improved material yields.  

Technology That Puts the Business Ahead  

RCR Laser clients benefit from having access to state-of-the-art laser cutting equipment in Australia, which ensures a faster turnaround of jobs with greater accuracy.  

The ongoing capital investment program allows RCR Laser to continually extend the range of materials, whilst setting new standards in precision, efficiency and throughput.  

RCR Laser’s purchasing power allows on-site inventories of most commonly used materials for rapid job turnaround. In addition to saving time and money for the client, the guaranteed quality of materials ensures the best possible results and compliance with the most demanding technical standards.  

Adding Value to the Business  

RCR Laser can supply its customers with a complete range of cutting, bending and welding solutions via its in-house management capability of fabrication services. Some of these services include CNC bending, welding, drilling, tapping and counter-sinking.

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